In an increasingly digital and data-dependent world, the key technological concepts which keep users data safe, secured and compliant are at the forefront of every product decision. Nodo deeply understands and is dedicated to this ideal.

As technology continues to advance, what will happen to online privacy?

Traditional concepts of privacy and the basic principle that our communications and content should remain confidential are being eroded with advancements in digital technology.

There will be no opting out of this data-intensive world. Technology and sharing personal information will indispensable lead to participation in modern society. Internet access and use of new digital technologies will be necessary for employment, education, access to benefits, and full participation in economic and civic life.

Nodo utilizes and engages with some of the top concepts and methodologies to ensure your organization or product is already positioned for compliance, experience and security in the market.

Cloud data protection, tokenization, PCI compliance, data access governance, consent, GDPR, encryption, blockchain, and so much more are all complex subjects to understand and integrate, which is why we are ready to immerse ourselves in your concerns to design the best practices that ensure you always have peace of mind.