Nodo embraces platform experiences that create opportunities to rethink the way customers, employees and ecosystem partners interact, while lowering costs.

The past decade of innovation has led to the emergence of an incredible change to the traditional business model. Digital transformation, revolutionary applications and processes have led to the support and creation of technologies that deal with massive amounts of data (A.I. & machine learning) communications (chat, 5G, Slack, Zoom, marketing), cryptography (blockchain), and the Internet of Things (IoT), which generates unlimited possibilities for creating new business models and technical solutions to solve previously unthinkable problems.

Multi-sided platforms, which use technology to connect consumers and organizations within interactive ecosystems, support the creation and the exchange of a huge diversity of products and services. Fundamentally the purpose of a platform is to consummate and orchestrate interactions between users and producers, facilitating the movement of goods, services, or “social currencies” (Digital Assets), without intermediaries or limitation.

Nodo offers a critical overview and key knowledge partnerships when it comes to understanding digital media and the media infrastructure required when envisioning and building platform products that operate across markets, geographies, social connections and applications.