High-availability and high-scalability are both parts of how applications and systems should perform to create unparalleled user experiences. Nodo applies best practices in engineering products to scale.

In an economy where apps have become the very heart and soul of almost any business, you have less than one second to impress your user. Because of this limited impression availability, application performance is essential to ensure the quality of your customer's digital experience and your user loyalty.

It is not an uncommon habit for your engineering team to watch more than five different consoles in order to keep your systems and applications running at peak performance, uninterrupted and serving users. The struggle to be proactive about determining problems before they become critical performance holes is draining, and difficult without the right tools.

Additionally perhaps your organization is struggling with loosely coupled Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment pipeline strategies (CI/CD, creating large inefficiencies and escalating expenses, longer time to market and impacting customer services. Ultimately lacking the ability to retain users and harming the overall experience of the applications itself.

In any case, identifying the root cause of an issue still requires time-consuming investigation, and troubleshooting it takes even longer.