Our role

We are passionate about creating transformative experiences by people for people. Digital is already changing people's lives even in the minor scale. We focus on doing it the best way it can be done.


We are a multidisciplinary team, focused on the necessary knowledge and abilities to deal with the challenges of businesses and communication. Our never ending curiosity combined with people-centered approach guides us into making simple solutions from the most complex problems. Connecting people to technology is at the core of what we do.


As long as technology evolves, we also evolve. Our models are structured focusing on the client, mixed with an exclusive set of technologies, agile and associative work methodologies. Our team of experts is specialized in high-end technology and delivering real and efficient results.

Top-Notch Delivery

From day one, we challenge ourselves to deliver outstanding projects that change people's lives. We go the extra mile to ensure we cover precisely what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Whether you are highly familiar with technology or you've just begun, you can count on us for a successful implementation.

Our insightful leaders


Our presence is global, but you can meet us in Brazil and in the United States.

Who we are

In 2010, three co-workers decided to channel all their technology expertise and knowledge to found a new venture. Our vision since day one was to provide high-level web and mobile custom solutions.

Four years later, a new vision opened paths to our new board and a rebranding. The word Nodo represents our essence: a simple, global word that refers to an intersection point, uniqueness, and strength.

Throughout the years we gathered a diverse group of highly qualified and passionate professionals, focused on a proactive new business operation, with an outstanding ability to build high quality digital products with significant positive results.

We won numerous prizes, awards, and we are trusted by global leading brands, advertising agencies, and startups, recognized as an innovative, world-class, digital product agency. With offices in Brazil and the United States, Nodo is strategically planning to expand the business globally, becoming a global technology leader.

This is who we are: passionate tech experts that for over a decade create solid connections to build the desired future. Consistency and constant learning allow us the commitment to keep evolving. Together.