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What is nodo ?

Nodo is a simple word which encapsulates our values and spirit. Firstly, it’s easy to pronounce in any language: we are fast-moving, we are global. Secondly, it reflects the quality of our work: unforgettable and distinctive. It literally means ‘knot’; a union. The union is made up of our core values: trust, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Lastly, the knot represents a problem to be solved, and that’s exactly what we specialize in.

We’re driven by the thrill of creating extraordinary products that exceed our clients’ expectations. We’ve nurtured a natural, creative working environment where our team can work to their full potential. Our team understands the importance of collaboration to produce the highest quality solutions possible.

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    Our history started 5 years ago...

    Three co-workers decided to channel all their knowledge and expertise into a new venture, and were immediately surprised. A bunch of amazing people showed up and a fizzing creative environment built on trust and integrity was formed. There was something about our company, our people and our conduct that made us stand out. Maybe it was our passion, or our ability to innovate and execute amazing products. We just knew something: it worked.

    We were moving fast as a technology company, but this was not enough. We created a demand for high quality services. From this demand a new strategy was developed and nodo was born. Not as a new brand, neither a rebranding. Nodo is a new way of thinking and doing business, as limitless as our potential. Whether you need a brief marketing site, a custom web/mobile application, a management system, or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered. Nowadays we work with well-established companies and agencies to plan, design and build digital products. Close partnerships with only the best clients drive us to produce excellent digital solutions.